Growing Healthy Hair in 90 days


Imagine Longer,
Thicker Hair: New
Research Shows It’s
Finally Possible
Posted on September 22, 2014 at 7:23 PM
NOTICE: Due to Revitalocks being featured in
national press supplies are extremely limited.
**As of Tuesday November 4, 2014 product is
still available ONLINE and ready to ship within 24
hours of purchase.
Ask yourself if you can
relate: Your hair seems like
it will only grow to a certain
length – and then it stops.
No matter how hard you’ve tried, it seems like
you’ll never be able to have the long, thick hair
that it seems like it’s so easy for other people to
get. Or maybe you’ve spent years growing your
hair out, only to struggle with breakage, dryness
and frizziness, or it becomes so unmanageable
that you end up chopping it off again. (Only to fall
into a “drastic haircut depression” and start the
cycle again!)
Well girlfriend, let me be real with you – These
situations aren’t in your imagination. It has
always been extremely difficult (and for some,
impossible) to grow long hair without resorting to
painful hair extensions. This is because hair
growth is largely influenced by age – as we age
into our twenties and beyond, our bodies don’t
make the chemicals we need to grow healthy,
thick hair – resulting in frail, dry hair that refuses
to grow past our shoulders.
New 2014 Research Shows
a Breakthrough in Hair
It’s been proven that most of us only grow hair at
a rate of .2cm – .5cm per month. This is less
than 50% of the growth that hair is capable of!
However, new research in the field of trichology
(the science of hair growth) has revealed a
proven blend of ingredients, which stimulates the
scalp and follicle and increases hair growth by
up to 6 inches.
(Poise & Purpose Editor’s note: Revitalocks
is the first product on the market that
includes this potent blend of vitamins and
nutrients as a hair growth formula, and in
order to help publicize the scientific
research, Revitalocks is offering its product
completely free, for just the cost of
shipping. Click here to snag a bottle!)
The blend of ingredients that stunned
researchers works by stimulating the pituitary
gland, which controls hair growth as we age.
After just 30 days of use, all participants saw an
increase in growth and strength (many within 2
weeks), and all participants saw growth of up to
6 inches within 3 months of use. Um, sign me up!
To take advantage of this new research at a low
cost before it’s widely publicized, Poise &
Purpose has organized a special offer with the
hair-growth experts at Revitalocks. For a limited
time, Revitalocks is offering a FREE bottle
(supplies limited) for 100% zero risk – just pay
$4.95 for shipping and handling. Your 30-day
supply will ship within 24 hours, and you’ll be on
your way to longer, thicker, shinier hair that you
will absolutely LOVE showing off!
For a limited time, get a
month supply of
Revitalocks FREE. Just pay
for shipping!

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